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Delay Box Mounts for Door Cars


Check out our new delay box mounts shown below.

Real Solutions to Towing Issues

Paige Pro Products, LLC, is proud to announce multiple products that are specifically designed and produced to safely and accurately locate the vehicle you are transporting. We offer two sizes of dragster wheel chocks (Full size and Jr. dragsters).  We also offer the L shaped Universal Chock for Golf Carts, 4 Wheelers, Door cars, passenger cars, scooters as well as rear slicks for most any drag car. 

- EASE OF USE - The Wheel Chocks will locate your race car or pit vehicle in the same position in the trailer every time making it easier and faster to secure it for transporting. 

- PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT - No more worries about opening up the trailer door to find that your race car, golf cart or dragster has shifted and has come in contact with something you had not planned on.  Today's rough roads that lead us to and from the race track make it even more important to stabilize your investment to eliminate the chance of damage.  

- CONVENIENCE - These parts will allow you to position your race car(s) in a more compact area and feel confident that you will not have damage when you are ready to get them out.  Secure multiple  dragsters inches apart, secure your dragster next to a wall, golf cart, scooter or anything else without worry. 

- SIMPLE TO USE - Wheel chocks from Paige Pro Products, LLC., are the simplest solution that has already eased the minds of many race enthusiasts just like you!  Check out our photos, videos and customer testimonials to see what the wheel chocks can do for you! 

We look forward to hearing from you! Please contact us with any questions!

 Gregg, Lori & Paige Teel