How To Use for car racing


How To Install

All of our products have molded through holes in the durable injection molded rubber chocks.  These allow you to either permanently or semi permanently mount these based on your location and preference.  

Permanent mounts are typically ones on lifts or off to the side of the trailer that are out of the way of normal traffic while at the track.  They can be bolted down using standard bolts and nuts.

Semi Permanent mounts are achieved by several different methods. These include the following: Insert nutsert (rivnut or plusnut) and thread in or out bolts as needed to add or remove chocks.  Drill holes and use quick pin.  Drill holes and drop in longer bolts and washers as this is only needed to locate the chock and stop it from moving around.  The weight of the car assists in holding in place. 


Use a semi permanent mounting method if the chocks are in high travel areas so you do not trip on them while at the track.

Use semi permanent mounting if you need to back you car in and the body may interfere with the chocks if permanently mounted.

Use semi permanent mounting if you change location or how many cars you transport in your trailer.

Universal Wheel Chocks

The Universal Wheel Chocks were originally requested by the racers as a way to help keep their golf cart from moving around and coming in contact with the trailer cabinets, walls or race car.  They were designed in such a manner that they work for almost all applications that have a wheel and tire.  The radiused pad matches the tire and stops the vehicle from moving in the direction of the chock and the leg down the side stops the movement to the side.

These are sold as pairs typically one right and one left but can be arranged to get two of the same side if you prefer that setup.  Contact us directly if you need this option.

Dragster (Jr & Sr Wheel Chocks)

The Dragster front wheel chocks are injection molded rubber chocks that safely and securely locate the front wheels and tires of your dragster.  If permanently mounted then just push or drive your dragster into the chocks to accurately locate the car in the correct location.  These will position the front in the correct location while placing the rear slicks in the correct place for the tie downs.